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Braces Teenager

Every child’s reaction to knowing that they need to start wearing braces is different. Some can’t wait to go to the dentist and have them installed while others worry about how they will look with braces. But one thing that is true for teenagers with braces, is that they are all on their way to getting a perfectly straight smile that will make them feel more confident.

By visiting a Dental Care Center in Sherwood Park, you trust you will be able to address all your concerns and answer all of your queries about braces and what they can do to improve your child’s overall oral health. Apart from that, your dentist may also be able to address the mode of payment that you can take to pay for the braces. It is to know your options to ensure that you will be financially prepared for it.

Why do Kids Need Braces?

Some of the reasons why kids need braces are for crooked or overlapping teeth, a bad bite or overcrowded teeth are just a few of the many reasons for braces. Each child is different and the reason to get braces will vary with each child. Your Dentist will be able to recommend the option suited for your child’s needs to help correct all of their dental issues.

Sometimes, the tooth and jaw problems are a result of accidents, losing baby teeth too soon or even bad habits like thumb-sucking.  More often than not, such problems are inherited, which means if someone in the family wore braces, your child potentially will have to wear them too.

When should Kids Start Wearing Braces?

Typically, during one of your dental visits, the dentist will notice the problems and will discuss them with you. Some might recommend you to see an orthodontist. This is the type of dentist who specializes in teeth alignment and correcting jaw problems in general. The orthodontist will then make a recommendation of whether your child needs to have braces on or if an alternative treatment would be better.

There is no set age for children to be recommended to wear braces. However, most dentists would suggest such treatment when the child’s teeth are already permanent. Some children get braces at a very young age while others wait until their teenage years before their dentists recommend treatment. If you’re looking for dental advice, Aspire Smiles Family Dental Care, a Dental Care Center in Sherwood Park can help out. Making children wear braces too early does not mean it will fix the problem faster. Only an orthodontic will be able to make the right recommendations.

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