5 Reasons Why You Can Rely on Your Dentist for Teeth Whitening

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5 reasons why you can rely on your dentist for teeth whitening

Ninety-six percent of people consider an attractive smile appealing. What do people notice about your smile? The colour of your teeth. The most common thing that makes a smile unattractive is stained, yellowed, and discoloured teeth. If you’re living with the unfortunate reality of discoloured teeth, you know this all too well.

Most grocery stores and pharmacies offer you teeth whitening products ranging from gum to pastes to strips to gimmicks. You could easily spend hundreds of dollars to be disappointed with the results. Don’t settle for stained teeth and disappointing results. Give the over-the-counter options a pass. Here are five reasons to rely on your dentist in Sherwood Park for professional teeth whitening services.

Teeth whitening by a dentist near you is fast

Over-the-counter products use weak bleaching solutions that require repeated applications. Any results they do achieve come slowly. Rushing the process by using them too often or for too long can cause damage to your gums. If a brighter smile fast is a priority — for a wedding, party, photoshoot, or just because you’ve waited long enough — get your teeth whitened professionally. Using stronger compounds and specialized equipment, an eight-shade improvement may take just one hour and without the need for frequent re-applications.

Convenience and comfort

If whitening at home is more convenient and comfortable for you than visiting a dentist in Sherwood Park, you can have the best of both worlds. Professional dentists can provide professional products and results in a take-home option that will be supervised by a dentist. Don’t settle for solo DIY and one-size-fits all devices. A dentist near you can provide customized whitening trays that will deliver superior results faster, safer, and more comfortably.

Dentists in Sherwood Park can adjust to you

The manufacturers of over-the-counter whitening products produce something that they hope will be effective for and suit as many customers as possible. What if it doesn’t? Some people have very sensitive teeth, for example, that aren’t a good match for generic bleaching products. Does that mean you have to settle for stained and discoloured teeth? Don’t settle. A dentist can and will adjust their bleaching compounds and processes to take the specific characteristics of your teeth, gums, and mouth — including sensitivity — into account.

Everyone’s teeth are different

The models on the packaging of over-the-counter products usually have perfect teeth. There’s no sign of crookedness, crowns, or fillings. That sets the bar very high — too high for many people. People with stained teeth and crooked teeth, crowns, fillings, partial dentures, and other restorations may find that over-the-counter strips and other similar products are unsuitable. Don’t settle. If that’s your situation, but you want to know more about teeth whitening in Sherwood Park, a dentist will be able to recommend solutions based on your particular teeth.

More effective

There are huge differences between over-the-counter and prescription medications. That’s true about medications and teeth whitening products. Your Sherwood dentist uses gels with higher levels of the active bleaching agent because they can do so safely. They can also tailor those concentrations to the colour of your existing teeth, and your goals.

If you’re ready for relief from stained and discoloured teeth, you don’t need to settle for over-the-counter DIY options. Teeth whitening in Sherwood Park is faster, more effective, safer, and personally tailored to you when performed or supervised by a dentist. To take the first step toward whiter teeth, get in touch with a dentist near you and ask “How can you help make my teeth whiter?”