Dental Bridges Near You

If you are missing one or more teeth, dental bridges may be an ideal solution. A dental bridge near you is a fixed prosthetic dental device that restores your bite and helps you maintain the natural shape of your face after facing tooth loss.

dental bridges in sherwood park

Reasons Why You May Need Dental Bridges in Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0Z9

If you are missing a tooth, it is a matter that should be taken seriously. Your teeth work together, which means when you lose one tooth, the teeth adjacent to it may tilt or drift into the empty space—much like a domino effect.

Once your teeth have tipped or drifted, they become more difficult to clean, which heightens their risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Also, if you are missing a tooth, your jawbone may begin to shrink and when this occurs, it alters your appearance and ages you.

The Procedure for a Fixed Dental Bridge

Fixed dental bridges in Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0Z9 use existing natural teeth on both sides of the absent tooth or teeth to support the prosthetic dental device. The procedure for dental bridges near you generally takes more than one visit.

During your first visit for dental bridges in Sherwood Park, your dentist will prepare your teeth that are adjacent to the gap. These teeth will attach to the dental bridge. Next, your dentist near you will take an impression of your mouth. This information will be sent to a dental laboratory where dental bridges near you are made. Your dentist will place a temporary bridge to protect your prepared teeth until your final bridge is ready to be cemented.

When you return for your second visit, your dentist will fit, adjust and cement the dental bridge to your prepared teeth. Your dental bridge near you will be permanent and isn’t removable.

To learn more about how dental bridges in Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0Z9 can benefit your oral health and smile, schedule an appointment at our dental clinic near you today.