Child Health Program

child health program in sherwood park

Our Child Health Program

First impressions are everything, and we want your child to begin their oral health journey early on. Our dental clinic in Sherwood Park offers an exceptional oral health program for children. This provides your little one with the opportunity to enjoy stress-free appointments and establish a positive relationship with their dentist early on.

All Visits Are Free for Children Below Age 3

Once your child turns one, you should schedule a dental visit. All your child’s visits at this time and onwards will be free until they turn three. These appointments are brief and will not require X-rays; rather, our dentist will perform a visual examination of your child’s teeth and mouth to ensure there are no signs of detrimental habits. The appointment will conclude with your child selecting a large toy from our Amazing Aspire Treasure Chest filled with toys! Schedule your child’s appointment at our dental clinic near you today.