How Long Should I Expect Tooth Bonding to Last?

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how long should i expect tooth bonding to last

Your self-esteem can suffer if you don’t like the way you smile. Whether you’ve had a tooth gap for a long time or your front teeth have become chipped, even a minor imperfection can make you hesitate to eat and laugh around others. Additionally, research demonstrates that smiling often is good for both your physical and mental health in general.

Before going ahead and acquiring cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile, it’s good to think about the maintenance before committing to anything, including getting dental bonding near you. But how long does bonding, in particular, last? The number of years that the results of this process can last is dependent on a patient’s lifestyle habits, and whether they take care to properly care for their teeth daily.

How Long Does Tooth Bonding Last?

On average, dental bonding lasts for 4 to 8 years, although depending on a few conditions, it may be considerably longer:

  • How well you take care of your teeth (daily brushing and flossing are a must for good oral hygiene)
  • Where in your mouth are the bonds located?
  • Whether you go to the dentist near you and a hygienist for expert cleanings and checkups twice a year
  • Your food preferences

How well you take care of your teeth will largely determine how long your dental bonding in Sherwood Park lasts. Avoid eating foods that are acidic or sweet because they can wear down your teeth. If you eat fruit, for example, brush and floss your teeth right away to prevent plaque or germs from having a chance to build up on their surface.

Additionally, you should refrain from chewing on hard candies, or ice, grinding your teeth, or biting down too firmly, as these activities can all damage the composite bonding material. Of course, it is crucial to maintain a regular, complete dental hygiene regimen. Your restoration will last longer if the natural tooth material surrounding the bonding is still healthy.

Advantages of Dental Bonding

The following advantages could be yours if you decide to have dental bonding to make your smile seem better:

  • Aesthetically pleasing: Changing, and thereby improving your teeth’s color and form to achieve a more symmetrical and harmonious appearance.
  • Non-invasive: Dental bonding is a comparatively non-invasive procedure that won’t require any healing time when compared to other cosmetic dental procedures.
  • Quick treatment: Dental bonding is frequently completed in a single appointment.
  • Cost-effective: In comparison to more involved cosmetic dentistry procedures like crowns, bridges, and veneers, bonding is typically thought to be a more affordable option.
  • Lasts long: You can anticipate dental bonding’s benefits to last for 4 to 8 years or more in some situations if you take good care of your smile.

Cost of Dental Bonding

Cost is a common worry for patients who see us for dental bonding procedures. Your bonding treatment’s overall cost will depend on a few variables:

  • How many teeth are being fixed.
  • The degree of repairs needed, the location, and the dimensions of the mouth sections being bonded.
  • Costs may vary based on where you reside and which city and dentist’s office do the treatment.
  • How much of the operation your insurance will cover.

Get Tooth Bonding Today

Are you prepared to determine whether dental bonding is the ideal cosmetic operation for you? If you’d be a good candidate for dental bonding, our Aspire Smiles dentists can evaluate your smile and let you know. Call us right away.

Are you prepared to invest in your smile now that you know more about tooth bonding? Contact our dentist in Sherwood Park if you’re searching for a skilled, trustworthy, and welcoming dentist close to Springfield, Missouri. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Dr. Wilkinson and his staff will provide you with the individualized care you require. Make your first appointment right now for excellent and complete dental care.