Mouth Guards for Dental Protection: Types, Costs, and Aftercare

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mouth guards for dental protection types, costs, and aftercare

The best method to maintain your dental health is to practice good oral hygiene every day, which includes brushing and flossing your teeth. But for certain individuals, using a mouth guard in Sherwood Park while sleeping is necessary to safeguard their teeth.

If you grind your teeth or suffer from sleep apnea, you could think about utilizing one of these gadgets. There are numerous possibilities, and the variety is so wide that it can be perplexing and intimidating.

Speak with your dentist or orthodontist about the best type of mouth guard for you if you need assistance choosing one. While you wait, have a look at the various nightguard varieties on the market now and how using one might protect your teeth.

What is a Mouth Guard?

It is an oral appliance that can be worn during physical activities and at night to protect the teeth from damage caused by clenching and grinding. This device is safe to wear as it is constructed of high-quality dental plastic or acrylic.

To gather more information about acquiring a mouth guard near you, don’t hesitate to reach out to a local dental clinic today

Types Of Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are dental appliances created to shield your teeth, gums, and mouth from harm when you play sports or grind your teeth. Mouth guards come in a variety of varieties, each with a distinct function. The typical types are listed below:

  • Stock: These are ready-to-wear, pre-formed mouthguards that can be found at most goods shops. They come in common sizes and provide only bare-bones security. Stock mouthguards frequently lack a specific fit and are bulky and uncomfortable. For the best defense, they are not suggested.
  • Boil and Bite: These mouthguards are constructed of a thermoplastic that eases when boiled. By biting down and molding the softened guard to the contours of your teeth, you insert it in your mouth. These mouth guards, which are available in most sports goods stores, give a better fit than stock mouth guards.
  • Custom-Fitted: A dentist near you or an orthodontist can make custom-fitted mouthguards for you. Since they are uniquely crafted for your teeth and mouth, they offer the optimum fit and protection. Your teeth’s impressions are used by the dentist to make an exact fit mouth guard. Although more expensive, custom-fitted mouthguards provide more comfort and security.
  • Nightguards: Sometimes referred to as occlusal guards, these are worn primarily to stop bruxism (tooth grinding) while you sleep. They are often crafted from a soft substance and fit your teeth precisely. Using a night guard can help reduce jaw pain from teeth grinding and preserve your teeth from accelerated deterioration.
  • Dual-Purpose: Some mouth guards are made to use as both a night guard and a mouth guard for sports. They offer protection when participating in sports, and they can also be worn at night to stop teeth grinding.

Everyone’s needs are different but no matter what sort of dental issue you’re dealing with, dental experts always advise coming in for a consultation and for patients to consider getting a customized mouth guard; not only will it fit you exactly but it will always last much longer than many alternatives. 

Reach Out to Our Dentist

Knowing your situation thoroughly will help you determine the cost of a mouthguard. In order to be sure you’re receiving the best treatment for your dental health, it’s crucial to discuss your options with your dentist in Sherwood Park. They will examine your oral cavity and might take some X-rays in order to see what’s happening with your teeth and tissues. If a mouthguard is the appropriate course of action, they will help you identify the best way to go forward. 

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