Same-Day Dental Crowns Vs Traditional Crowns

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same day dental crowns vs traditional crowns

If you are considering dental implants in the near future and getting cold feet at the thought of multiple dentist appointments, there is good news for you! Your dentists in Sherwood Park have a new technology called CEREC that enables you to get dental crowns in one day. This new service helps save time, does a better job, and is super convenient.

So, how is CEREC technology different than regular dental crowns?

In the past, you needed to make 2-3 appointments with a dentist near you, to get your teeth crowned. On the first visit, you would take an impression after the dental cleaning or the treatment (root canal, etc.) required. Then, your dentist puts a temporary crown on your tooth to protect it while the laboratory crafts a permanent crown using your tooth impression. This usually takes about 2-3 weeks. In the next visit, the temporary crown is removed, and your tooth is fitted with the new crown.

With the CEREC technology, a clinic for dental crowns near you can complete this in an hour! Let us see how –

1. Using an intraoral camera and computer-aided design tool (CAD) the dentist obtains a digital impression of your tooth.

2. You can view it in action as the image is cast on a computer screen.

3. Using the digital dental impression, CEREC will create a dental crown with high precision, milled from a porcelain block or ceramic. This is not done in a laboratory but right in your dentist in Sherwood Parks office!

4. The restoration, or crown crafted is affixed on the tooth.

5. The process is complete and you are good to go!

There are huge benefits to this amazing process called CEREC. Other than saving time, getting a same-day dental crown in Sherwood Park can work out to be more economical as it ensues only one visit to the dentist. It is also a better choice in terms of quality, as the accuracy and precision of CEREC technology ensure a perfect restoration without any gaps or blackline. It is a seamless bond, reducing the chances of bacteria invasion into the crown gaps.

Here are some of the benefits of same-day crowns –

● Convenient solution for people looking for quick and easy dental crowns. It is completed in nearly an hour without having to re-visit the dental clinic.

● Unlike traditional dental crowns that take 2-3 appointments, same-day crowns turn out to be economical in terms of doctor fees.

● The biggest benefit here is the precision and quality of the procedure. The CEREC technology uses a CAD tool to get the most accurate dental impression, hence guaranteeing the perfect fit.

● Since this method guarantees no gaps between the tooth and crown, chances of tooth decay in the future due to bacteria getting under the gaps is highly unlikely.

● It is also a less painful procedure as you do not need to get a temporary crown affixed then removed. It also means only one injection!

● Cosmetically it is a much better option as there won’t be any black gumline like in the case of porcelain-infused-to-metal restorations. Even the tooth color and look are natural.

Although a brilliant break-through, CEREC does have some limitations, such as –

● Same-day crowns are subject to more wear and tear as ceramic is not as durable of a material as metal or porcelain.

● It is not recommended for everyone, for example, if you have a fractured tooth under the gumline, the intraoral camera might not build an accurate image of your tooth.

Hence, choosing between traditional or same-day crowns will depend on convenience, comfort, cost, and quality.