Why You Should Always Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

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why you should always choose professional teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is very popular, and you probably know at least one other person who has already undergone this procedure. Our team at Aspire Smiles understands that it is easy to buy over-the-counter teeth whitening products, but if you value your oral health, it is always best to choose professional teeth whitening in Sherwood Park.

Choosing Professional Teeth Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, you should always opt for professional teeth whitening near you. The reason for this is that, if used improperly, over-the-counter whitening products can cause serious damage to your teeth and gums. Additionally, over-the-counter whitening products are unlikely to produce the results you desire unless you overuse them, which can again lead to poor oral health outcomes.

By visiting a dentist for teeth whitening, you can achieve stunning results while feeling assured that your oral health will remain in excellent condition.

Get a Checkup Prior to Professional Teeth Whitening

When you first visit our dental office in Sherwood Park looking for professional teeth whitening, you will need to get a checkup first to ensure your comfort and safety. Our dentist will examine your gums and teeth to ensure that you do not have any underlying dental problems that could make your whitening treatment dangerous or uncomfortable.

If our dentist does find something wrong, they will treat these issues before safely whitening your teeth. There are two main kinds of professional teeth whitening options:

#1 In-Office Teeth Whitening

If you can’t wait to see results and attain a brighter smile, then you should opt to visit our dental clinic near you for in-office teeth whitening. Our dentist will place a rubber dental dam over your gums and lips during this treatment before painting over your teeth with a professional-grade whitening agent. They will activate the agent using a special light that will help it penetrate your tooth enamel more easily to lift the stains from your tooth and provide excellent results quickly. This process may be repeated several times during the course of your hour-long appointment to make your smile look visibly brighter and more radiant.

#2 Take-Home Custom Whitening Trays

If you would prefer to whiten your teeth on your own time, then you may choose to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home. Our dentist will provide you with custom-designed whitening trays that will fit perfectly over your teeth. You will also be given a whitening gel that is very effective and safe to use at home. You will need to wear these whitening trays as instructed for a few hours each day. At-home whitening treatment usually takes a few weeks to show results, but you will always have the whitening trays to use for touch-ups at a later time.

Visit Aspire Smiles

Everyone deserves a smile they can be proud to share with those around them. If you would like to learn more about your options for professional teeth whitening, please get in touch with our dedicated team of dental professionals at Aspire Smiles. We are happy to offer options for at-home and in-office teeth whitening so you can achieve a bright, white smile and boost your confidence. Please get in touch with us to book your consultation today.